Lucy Backstrom's Testimonials

Chris Palmer

"I have been a patient at the Gateacre Park Drive Surgery for 32 years, it  is a 35 mile round trip from my home, I believe this is a recommendation in itself but please read on. In 2004 my dentist Lucy Backstrom suggested during a routine check-up that a tiny bump on the outside of my neck just under my chin could be something more serious.
Nothing was visible in my mouth, it took an MRI scan and Biopsy to confirm Lucy was right, I had cancer. A 10 hour operation removed a 2 inch tumor from my tongue deep down the back of my  throat and now thanks to Lucy's foresight, I eat, drink and talk pretty much as normal. The effect on me has been minimal, thank you hardly seems enough.

Needless to say my teeth always look fantastic but then I've come to expect that from the Gateacre Park Drive Park Drive Surgery".

Janis & Bob Ireland  

"We would like to express our sincere thanks for the excellent treatment provided at your practice by you and your well trained team. On every visit we have been impressed with the calm efficiency in the reception area and the thoroughness and attention to detail with which treatment is explained and carried out by you and your hygienists.

We wouldn’t drive the 240 mile round trip each visit if we didn’t think Lucy and her practice team were exceptional!"