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An already beautiful smile.

This patient requested a more even appearance.

A minimally invasive approach was appropriate.

Tooth whitening and a single ceramic veneer provided the desired subtle improvement.

No preparation of the teeth was required in this case.

The contour and shade of the single pressed ceramic veneer blends with surrounding teeth.

Only one of these teeth is a ceramic veneer.
Healthy gums are essential to the longevity and aesthetics of any ceramic restoration.

Enamel defect and length asymmetry.

A minimally invasive approach was indicated.

The enamel defect is removed and length adjustments made using composite resin artistry.

A serverely worn and discoloured presentation.

Generalised tooth sensitivity due to severe wear.

A full mouth composite resin reconstruction was meticulously planned.

Final result following placement of four e-max ceramic veneers and 22 composite onlays.

Tooth wear and staining issues. A combination of ceramic and composite restorations was planned.

Smile restored following tooth whitening, ceramic veneers and composite restorations.

This patient presendted with aesthetic concerns.

Multiple issues have compromised aesthetics and the ability to keep the old crown clean.

Following placement of a new ceramic crown.

Health and aesthetics have been restored in harmony with the surrounding teeth and gums.

A worn, discoloured appearance.

Aesthetics and function restored using eight all ceramic crowns.

Dark edges around existing metal core crowns following gum recession.

Metal core crowns replaced with zirconia core all ceramic restorations.




Pre ceramic restorations.

Post ceramic restorations.

Closure of space was requested.

This tooth was otherwise completely healthy.

Minimally invasive composite artistry with no preparation of the tooth was planned.

This aesthetic composite restoration was placed during a single 90 minute appointment.

Failing Amalgam Restorations

Replacement planned under rubber dam isolation.

 Direct resin restorations placed at a single visit.

It is important to plan how a tooth is to be replaced before it is extracted.

In this case a bridge was planned to provide a functional and aesthetic tooth replacement.

The final bridge is in harmony with the surounding teeth in terms of shape and colour.

A highly aesthetic result was achieved using the tooth behind the gap to support a new tooth.

Sometimes very severely broken down teeth cannot be restored and have to be extracted.

Aesthetics restored after meticulous planning.

An 'immediate denture' was provided on the day of tooth extraction.

Missing upper incisor tooth.

Space restored using an implant retained crown.

In this case three teeth required replacement.

Meticulous planning revealed sufficient bone into which implants could be placed and restored.

Final result following the restoration of three Straumann dental implants.

Missing upper premolar tooth

Space restored using a Straumnann dental implant

Missing upper premolar tooth

Space restored using a Straumann dental implant