Adam Ascroft's Testimonials

Mr. David Bennett - Liverpool

Implant Treatment

The planning undertaken by Dr. Ascroft was meticulous, and he explained clearly, but in detail, exactly what was to happen at each stage of the process. Although Dr. Ascroft had cautioned me that there might be some pain at various stages of the procedure, in fact, from start to finish, I suffered no discomfort whatsoever.

The procedure was completed about two months ago, and from completion I have been entirely confident about using the new tooth to chew any food (which I had been unable to do previously). I am totally satisfied with the care and attention to detail provided by Dr. Ascroft before, during and after the implant treatment. Perhaps the greatest testimony I can give is that the new tooth feels just like any other of my natural teeth. I am not aware of it and it appears totally normal.


Mrs. Susan Bunni - Liverpool

Implant Treatment

I am writing to express my appreciation of the recent dental treatment undertaken by Dr. Adam Ascroft for the placement and restoration of three dental implants.

I should like to commened his meticulous attention to detail during the planning process and his clear communication of what was going to happen at each stage of the treatment.

I felt completely comfortable and at ease during and after treatment.

The implants were carried out a few weeks ago and I am fully satisfied with the result both in terms of aesthetics and function and feel as if they have always been there.


Mrs. Shirley Lees - Liverpool

Implant Treatment

I am delighted with the replacement of my missing front tooth using a dental implant, and at no stage lost any confidence in the procedure. I was made fully aware of the benefits and risks explained verbally and in writing by Dr. Ascroft. Therefore, I understood that for the implant to succeed I must ensure that I keep (and continue to keep) my gums healthy by regularly brushing, flossing and rinsing.

With regard to any pain or discomfort, I did not experience anything different from that of a normal minimal filling ie. with adequate pain relief before surgery and advice from Dr. Ascroft regarding medication at home, I was absolutely fine.

The actual result is that I feel normal again. The new tooth now feels naturally in its place, it is as if the procedure has never taken place. Above all, socially my confidence has been restored. Additionally, I have more time now that I do not have to apply and remove a denture.

I would recommend the implant procedure to anyone - every penny well spent. Many many thanks.


Mr D Graham - Liverpool

Implant Treatment

"With regard to the implant treatment to replace a missing lower right molar tooth. The treatment I received from Dr. Adam Ascroft was excellent. He fully explained every detail and discussed in a professional manner every stage of the procedures and treatment. I felt fully informed the whole time before - during - and after my treatment.

 His attention to detail was very reassuring. The treatment for my part was not uncomfortable and I was able to go to work the next day as normal. Overall I am highly delighted with the result, in terms of aesthetics and I am now able to eat with a balanced set of teeth.

 I have no reservations in recommending this treatment as was carried out by Dr. Adam Ascroft."


Munira Raja - Liverpool

Aesthetic Composite Resin Dentistry

I would like to thank Adam for the great work as the appearance of my teeth is very natural. Prior to the treatment I was worried about appearing too artificial however, Adam assured me that this would not be the case. The initial consultation was helpful as I learnt about the whole process and it also fed my curiosity.

The whole treatment consequently ran very smoothly and I was comfortable during the treatment with no later side effects or pains. I had some sensitivity during the earlier whitening process.

I am very happy with the final outcome, the process was fast, hassle free and effective. I wish I had done it sooner as I cannot stop smiling!


Tracey Huxham - Liverpool

Cosmetic Dentistry

In 2010 I had some treatment on my front teeth. Mr. Ascroft gave me a quote for the treatment and also the different options. He also advised what option would be best. He gave me time to consider the options and I was not put under any pressure.

During the treatment Adam talked through the process clearly and at my level of understanding so that I felt comfortable with what he was doing. I knew how long it would all take so was able to fit it around my working days.

I am very satisfied with the results and will smile without any worries of covering my mouth with my hands.

Adam also explained the importance of looking after my teeth. The veneers and crowns were matched in colour to my other teeth so that they blended in normally.


James Routledge - Liverpool

Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry (veneers, crowns and bridges)

I had my usual routine examination and it was at this stage I asked Adam could he improve the appearance of my front teeth and replace my missing back teeth. Adam told me in great detail what could be done by way of veneers and bridges. I decided to go ahead with the treatment, with Adam explaining at every stage of the process what he was doing and what to expect. The whole treatment was very relaxed and pain free with no discomfort.

At the end of the treatment the results are brilliant and far exceed my expectations. I have not had any trouble with any treatment since it was carried out and the teeth feel very natural. My confidence has improved, with people telling me I have lovely teeth.

To sum up, the treatment was superb with brilliant final results. It has improved my appearance and confidence knowing that my teeth look healthy and natural. Worth every penny.


KH - Liverpool

Cosmetic Composite Resin Dentistry

Ever since chipping my front teeth as a child on a fairground ride, I have been unhappy with the way they look. I had previously had my front tooth repaired on the NHS but have never been satisfied as the final result always stood out as an unnatural addition and different in colour.

After having my teeth restored by Dr. Ascroft I am really happy with how my teeth look and feel. This has made a huge difference aesthetically and has resulted in a clean and natural shape which mimics how my teeth would have originally been.

The treatment was carefully planned and I was made fully aware of what was being done at each stage. This put me at ease and calmed any nerves. I now feel confident about my smile and it has made a real difference.


Sheila Uglow - Wirral

Fixed alternative for a removable denture

Understanding how my partial denture was dominating my lifestyle, Dr. Adam Ascroft designed and engineered and amazing five unit bridge to replace it.

The complexity of the process was made clear by the explanations given before and during each stage of the programme by Dr. Ascroft, to whom I will be eternally grateful for a fantastic outcome.

It has so improved my life.


Caroline Fergusson - Liverpool

Restorative Dentistry

I am more than happy to provide this testimonial for Dr. Adam Ascroft, as I have found his treatment to be first class in every respect.

From the beginning Dr. Ascroft completely put me at ease. He listened patiently whilst I outlined why I had come to him. He meticulously explained what would happen at each stage of treatment. I found his manner to be both extremely reassuring and professional.

Throughout the course of my treatment he could not do enough for me, regularly keeping in contact to make sure I was satisfied. The overall result of my treatment were even better than I had hoped for, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who was looking for a pre-eminent dentist.


Christine Hardy - Liverpool

Headaches and Splint Therapy

Dear Adam,

Regarding my treatment for the way my teeth bite together, you suggested I wear a guard when going to bed, which I did. You made me a temporary splint to use that night and the next day I was 50% better. When I was fitted with the splint that was made for me, I could not believe the relief it gave me.

I had no discomfort at all at any stage of the treatment. I use my splint most nights and no longer get any headaches, neck, shoulder or arm pain.

I am very happy with all my treatment for this condition.

Thank you.

George Mason - Liverpool

Headaches and Splint Therapy

A few years ago I started to suffer with severe and persistent headaches. My GP referred me to the Royal Liverpool Hospital - despite 5 appointments and 2 scans they were unable to diagnose the cause of the problem.

During my dental check up I mentioned the problem to Dr. Ascroft. He thought that the problem may be caused by me grinding my teeth during the night and recommended I try a night time gum guard. Dr. Ascroft explained the causes of the problem in great detail. I have now worn the guard for 4 - 5 years and the improvement has been considerable. The guard is very comfortable to the event that I don't really notice I am wearing it and I am headache free.

Only people who have lived in pain for 24 hours a day will understand the relief I felt when it became clear that a gum guard was the answer to my problem. I shall always be grateful to Dr. Ascroft for the professional and caring way in which he dealt with the issue. I am now pain free and this has led to a huge improvement to my quality of life.


PR - Liverpool

Replacement of Missing Teeth Using a Dental Bridge

I have been a patient of Dr. Adam Ascroft for many years now and have always felt very comfortable with him. I can be a nervous patient and Dr. Ascroft is aware of this and is always reassuring, gentle, relaxed and never rushed (qualities which I really DO appreciate in a dentist!).

He has always taken time to explain the choices which are available to me and to explain in detail what each would involve. After discussion in the surgery about what is planned, he will then write to me to ensure that I am clear about what will happen. There is never any compulsion to go down a route about which I have reservations.

During treatment I have found him to be patient, kind and understanding, always maintaining communication with me thoughtout to ensure comfort. I am delighted with the results he has achieved, especially with regard to appearance and function. In fact, so successful has my treatment been that I hardly give it a thought, which is exactly how it should be!


ER - Liverpool

Replacement of Missing Teeth Using a Dental Bridge

Finding my palate a nuisance I discussed an alternative with Mr. Ascroft. He suggested a bridge and gave me a thorough explanation of how it would be done and I decided to go ahead.

Mr. Ascroft carried out the bridgework in a number of stages keeping me informed as the work progressed. I felt no anxiety or discomfort during or after the procedure. It is nearly two years since the crown and bridge was fitted and I am entirely satisfied with the result.

I have no hesitation in recommending the procedure, it is an enormous benefit to me both in appearance and comfort.


Mr. Jonny Coombs - Liverpool

Full Mouth Reconstruction

I am writing this testimonial in regards to the work carried out on my teeth by Dr. Adam Ascroft during the last three years. After leaving my dentist following relocation to Liverpool I looked for a new practice and was recommended PBA. During the period when I was at university prior to joining PBA I had not paid enough attention to my dental care. When joining I had a lot of acid erosion and damage to all of my teeth, coupled with this I had chipped and damaged my front teeth through sporting injuries. To be fair they were in a pretty poor state of repair.

As I was getting married within months of joining the practice my primary aim was to improve the appearance of my front teeth. Dr. Ascroft carried this out with veneers and a whitening treatment. I was very happy with the appearance of my teeth but the underlying problem of my erosion of the back teeth still stood.

When I returned from honeymoon, and after consultation with Dr. Ascroft I decided to go ahead with the complex reconstruction that had been suggested. Although the process seemed lengthy and costly, I was happy to take this step in order to treat my teeth for this long term problem.

During the whole procedure and planning process Mr. Ascroft was superb, including the attention to detail during the planning and communication process, including the moulds, photos and the dental process itself. I was in complete comfort throughout the process and each stage seemed to progress without any problems. The aftercare and dental duard has limited any of the effects of tooth grinding and erosion returning to my teeth.

I am 100% happy with the work carried out and the effect on my life has been outstanding. I am confident smiling and showing my teeth, and even get coments about their appearance. I feel that the work carried out has not only affected my confidence and appearance, but has also added to the lifespan of my teeth.