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Find out more about how to stop snoring

Acute snoring will have an impact on normal sleeping patterns, and can cause exhaustion. Over an extended period of time, serious snorers may also develop more severe conditions such as sleep apnoea.

But the effects of acute snoring are not just physical; emotionally snoring can severely impact on the relationships that snorers have with those around them. Often the partner of an acute snorer suffers alongside with disturbed sleep patterns and the exhaustion that this can lead to. (We think that the picture says it all!).

Here at PBA Health Care in Liverpool we may be able to offer the solution to your snoring problem - The Silensor.

The Silensor uses a pair of clear plastic trays, shaped to fit your teeth, which you slip into your mouth at bedtime. The top and bottom sections are connected which have the effect of pulling your lower jaw slightly forward. This in turn holds the airways open, reducing one of the causes of snoring.  When first used you may experience some stiffness in the jaw when you first wake but this soon wears off so The Silensor will be comfortable for long term use.