Your dental and overall health

It’s important to us

It is often said that the mouth is a window on the overall health of the body. Recent evidence has confirmed that this is indeed the case. Many conditions now have direct connections with your oral and dental health. These include:

  • Heart disease - those who have gum disease (gingivitis) are much more likely to be at risk from both heart disease and a heart attack
  • Pregnancy - You are at increased risk of gum disease if you are pregnant
  • Osteoporosis – the loss of bone mass in the lower jaw can lead to the loss of teeth. If you have a gum infection then the risk is even higher
  • Diabetes - if you have this then you are more prone to gum disease which in turn can make it more difficult for you to control blood sugar levels
  • Strokes -  there are likely to be links between oral disease and strokes

With our help, you can take care of your teeth and gums and hopefully be taking care of a whole lot more.